DrMesadieuIn 2010 a mobile health clinic introduced the residents of Bande du Nord and Fort-Bourgeouis to health services previously not available due to the distance of these communities to the nearest health center in Northern Haiti. Since then working with volunteer nurses, doctors, and community people, Dr. Maudlin Mesedieu (pictured to the right) has established permanent health centers in Ville du Cap-Hatien (a city in the Nord department) and Mombin Crochu (a village in the Nord-Est department).  
The clinics are run by 19 staff: three doctors, five nurses, one laboratory technician, six community health worker, one manager, an office attendant, TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) and others volunteer. ULS provides general consultation, medicines, simple lab tests, immunization, ready-to-use therapeutic foods for the treatment and prevention of childhood malnutrition, and family planning and services. Each clinic services an estimated 400 clients per month. Most of its supplies and medicines are donated by the Ministry of Health and donor agencies. ULS offers there services for whatever patients can pay.
ULS works in partnership with a community advisory board that helps ULS staff understand the needs of the people; as well as identifying TBAs, mothers for the mothers clubs, and the locations for the next mobile clinics.