In Haiti the farmers are the poorest people who do not have any possibility to work the land and to buy seed to plant their gardens. This program was established in 2011 after observing many farmers in my area preparing their land several times but they were not able to plant anything because they did not have enough money to buy seeds. 

ULS believes education and understanding agriculture is very important for a family.  It is important for a father to have a garden to provide food to feed their family.  So ULS started the agriculture program to gives seeds to the farmers, buy oxen, plows and to create a farmer network to grow their garden.

We now have a farmer network of approximately 280 farmers. At the beginning of each season, we give seeds, and at the end of each season they give the seeds back to ULS. ULS preserves the seeds in our ULS Depot storage facility in order to start the process again next season. The farmers committee is responsible to form new groups, to select the farmer for the community garden and to assist in sharing the profits with each other. The oxen plow the land at 50 % for ULS farmer’s members and the money generate from the oxen is used to care for them.