What’s happening In Haiti? We had the awesome opportunity to serve in Haiti this month. Eleven team members went including two pastors and our youngest team member so far, 12 year old Kaylee! We were amazed at how the Lord orchestrated this specific group of people to accomplish this specific mission as we all brought our own unique gifts, talents and even hang ups to the trip. If you ever think that you don’t have anything to offer to a trip of this sort, think again. God can and will use each one. (Two members left behind murals on the Guest House walls, so if you decide to visit, you can see those!)

Since Pastor Jim began taking yearly mission groups in 2013, the primary mission has been the purpose of taking needed medical supplies and financial support the clinic. (This trip we were able to take over 1200 pounds of supplies!)Over the past five years, with the sole support of Pastor Jim and his churches & friends, Dr. Maudelin has built a guest house to support mission teams, built a grainery to store food, purchased land to grow crops to feed the poor, purchased goats and donkeys for the needy, provided free food for the poorest of the poor, and other community needs. But importantly, with financial support of many, Dr. Maudelin was able to finish the roof on a permanent clinic, and will soon be moving out of the open air, tarp covered clinic. Dr. Maudelin now has several Haitian doctors, dentists, and nurses that volunteer their time to provide free medical care for these needy people. It is an amazing story that continues to unfold and we are excited to be taking this mission to the next level in the hopes of gaining paid employees for the clinic in the near future.

In August, we were able to see first-hand money going directly into a cause we could see, feel & touch. We started by giving a large portion of our funds to help complete a cement roof on the soon-to-be medical clinic. While we were there, 870 patients were served in the current crude structure, but very soon a real building, with a real roof will be home to this clinic.

In addition to the roof project being a big event during our week, we also worked in the clinic and some went a day on a mobile clinic, we saw three cases that couldn’t be served at the clinic and we were able to facilitate their trips to the hospital. We held a Vacation Bible School serving over 350 children for 3 days! It was twice as many children as we had expected, but we were very blessed and feel sure that they enjoyed the days and not just the lunch that we provided!

We traveled to market more than once and on one visit, we bought a couple of goats. ULS is attempting to make a couple of community members into goat farmers. Unfortunately, since they often don’t have enough food, they eat their goats before they mature and are able to have more goats. We bought Oreo and Suzy and explained to these individuals that we will be sending someone in March to check on them and we expect them to be alive, happy and hopefully pregnant! We are really hoping that they can become goat farmers instead of goat consumers and if they understand this concept, they may be both in the future!

For the entirety of the trip, we felt honored. Incredibly honored. We could hardly believe that we were able to help in such tangible ways. Seeing the children come from miles around to attend VBS and have lunch, seeing the elderly wait all day to receive rice and beans, seeing the sick wait for hours for a chance to see a doctor or a dentist and to see them all do this with patience and grace was an honor. It was an honor to serve people and to truly get to be God’s hands and feet. We played ball, painted nails and gifted kids with bracelets and the reward of their smile was something we will never forget. We spent afternoons dancing the chicken dance, the hokie-pokie, head and shoulders, knees and toes and even an occasional macarena! We left behind a few physical accomplishments, but we also left behind a piece of each of us. Though we left our luggage and many of our belongings behind, we feel like we returned home with a lot more than we left with!

August 2018 Mission Trip