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The microcredit program gives small loans to the poor, while promoting self-sufficiency and independence for women. We provide them small amount loan, 1000 Haitian gourdes, at the beginning so that they can start a small local business of their choice. This amount allows women to establish a small business, like selling boiled eggs and bananas; some rice, a breakfast staple in Haiti and to buy a donkey enable to carry the heavy things and for their market business. We believe that this is a good way to offer a chance to improve the person’s economic situation. 

Some of the women were carrying sand from the river in buckets on their heads to sell for construction.  Some of these women explain that: "I am happy to have a donkey today.  I would never have had the money to buy a donkey, but because of the ULS microloan, I have my own donkey now and am able to bring more sand and make more money.  I no longer have to carry the heavy sand on my head.  I no longer have the back pain and headaches because of the heavy loads".

ULS micro-loan has established a small microcredit loan project; the criteria for receiving a loan are:

1) that the person is part of a group of at least 3 who has agreed to help each other.

2) That the person be honest. (The decision of who receives a loan is best made locally because everyone at the community knows who is honest and who is not.) The decision as to who will be in the group of 3 must be made by the participants themselves, so that if someone fails to pay back her loan the group accepts responsibility.

3) That the person seeking the loan has a business plan with clear objectives.

4) Respect the plan to give this money back with 2, 5 % interest month. Ti- Machann (small business women and men) must plan to give this money back within 4 to 12 months. After the period this loan, another plan can be made for the same sized loan, or to increase it if the Ti-Machann was successful and would like to increase his business.