The mobile clinic is a very important program, providing health care in the remote areas of Haiti.  This program is designed to aid in quality of life and the prevention of early death for many Haitian people. Until now the destitute Haitian people believed that hospitals are for rich people and they are scared of doctors. The mobile clinic allows us to be near and familiar with these people. At the mobile clinic we do mobilization, education, information and sanitization health. The mobile clinic has given us the opportunity to affect the lives of many people suffering a long time, treat high blood pressure, diabetes and work to prevent strokes. 

The mobile clinic is also a meeting place helping neighbors meet neighbors.  Most of the people in the remote areas of Haiti believe in voodoo and are taught by the voodoo priests that if they become sick, the evil or enemy is their neighbor.  As such, these people do not trust their neighbors and live lives of isolation within their own families.  Through the mobile clinic, we help to dispel this myth and to establish good relationships between neighbors, creating a support community.  It is truly a blessing to see the positive impact we can have in the lives of these communities.