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The Scolarship Program was conceived of through the personal experiences of Dr. Mesadieu.  While visiting Haiti, Jeanne and Al Gres noticed Dr. Mesadieu's brother was badly burned.  They arranged to take him back to the U.S. for 4 months for treatment.  Upon returning to Haiti and meeting with the family, the Gres' understood that the best way to support his family was to pay for Dr. Mesadieu's continued education.  Through secondary school then after discussions with Al, on to medical school.  Unfortunately Al died before Dr. Mesadieu could complete his medical education.  After Al's death, Dr. Mesadieu explained the situation to Don Simmons and Don with the help of his church (Branchton United Methodist Church) assisted Dr. Mesadieu in the completion of his education.   

Many Haitian children do not have the opportunity to get an education. ULS believes that an education is the best way to provide Haitian children with an opportunity for a future free of fear and filled with hope for a better life. With an education our children will believe they can be part of a productive and self-sufficient community.  ULS’s goal is to provide scholarships to poor Haitian children so that can attend a primary school, secondary school, professional and university and begin to build a path out of poverty.


IMG 1198Dorsainvil Roseline ~ 5 years old
Dorsainvil was brought into the clinic with second degree burns on her right arm and her face. Chris Potho, was at the clinic at that time. Because Chris was also a burn victim, he chooses to help her. When Chris asked if he could support Roseline for school, it was an automatic YES!  After visiting her home and viewing the situation in which she has grown up, I am glad that Chris is helping her.  She is the only one in her family of 5 children to attend a primary school.


IMG 1196 


These 3 cousins have yet to complete a full school year. Each year they are sent them back home as their school money runs out. Debbie Wimer is now trying to support these families by providing school tuition, material and uniforms for these kids.  This family would like to express their gratitude to everyone who contributes to this program to help the kids with their education.  Educating the children today gives them the opportunity to provide for themselves as an adults.



You can help the children: 

Sponsorships are needed for several of our children.  All the sponsorship money is used to cover the childs enrollment, uniform, school supplies, school tuition and for basic health care needs. 

There are 3 levels of sponsorships:

◊  Primary School Sponsorship:       $40.00 a month
◊  Secondary School Sponsorship:   $75.00 a month
◊  University Sponsorship:              Amount to be determined based on the school and the country


Current Scholarship Needs: