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So What is the TBA Training Program?

This program is designed to provide clean and safe at-home births.  Until now 70% of births in rural Haiti are done in the home by a non-trained Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) and in dirty conditions.  This resulted in high mother and child mortality rates.  In an effort to reduce the mother and child death rates, ULS nurses teach monthly classes utilizing the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) program.  These monthly classes educate the TBAs on topics including: hygiene, pregnancy and childbirth danger signs.  To reduce infection during childbirth, ULS provides each TBA with a birthing kit.

Why TBAs training: Until now more than 50 % of birth is at home by traditional birth attendants and the condition is inappropriate with high maternal and children death. To reduce the maternal and children death ULS train the Ministry of public health and population (MSPP) program; ULS’ nurses will hold monthly trainings with the TBA, educate them and covering such topics as hygiene, pregnancy and childbirth danger signs, etc. To reduce infection during childbirth, ULS will give each TBA a birthing kit.

ULS Staff train at Fort-St-Michel by Konbit Sante, then our ULS Staff trains the TBAs.  Each TBA trained receives a birthing kit with supplies to provide for clean and safe births.  The TBAs bring back reports about the deliveries they do.

Currently ULS has 52 TBAs who are very devoted and are excited and honored to be part of the TBA Program.